Information System Proposal

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A detailed report on a proposal for an Information System that will streamline the account set up process for new Key Accounts in an Online Payment Company called PayPal

1. The Introduction

The following report details a proposal for setting up a new Information System for an online payment company called PayPal. The new system will enable business customers to upload requested documentation online when applying for their accounts, and because everything will be uploaded in a centralised area this will also allow internal PayPal stakeholders to access the information simultaneously.

PayPal is a system which customers can use to pay electronically and securely for goods over the Internet. Small, medium and corporate businesses
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The aim is also to mitigate threats and help to take full advantage of opportunities (Avison D. and Fitzgerald G, 2002, p 303)


Increase in productivity/revenue
Reduction in costs
More efficient use of resources
Better security and risk control
More efficient and coherent communication amongst and between departments
Enhanced quality and improvement in quality control
Improved overall decision making company wide
Change company culture so that all departments are trying to meet the same objectives
Increase brand awareness


Possible time constraints in setting system up
Possible budgetary constraints
Possible resource constraints
Additional training may be required
Resistance to change


Greater competitive advantage
Assist in maintaining market leadership position
Creation of better public perception of company if processes become more efficient and effective
Opportunity to invest in state of the art technology
Opportunity to build stronger partnerships with key accounts


May not comply with regulatory body standards
May not comply with data protection laws
May only gain temporary competitive advantage if competitors also decide to automate their account set up processes
May be negative security implications

Feasibility study (TELOS):

TELOS can be described as an analytical tool that includes recommendations that will help management make decisions about the viability of an information system. The feasibility


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