Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations - 3mer

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Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations

Catherine Boudewyn

(Certificate in Human Resource Practice)

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

1. Describe 4 Factors (2 internal and 2 external) which impact on the employment relationship 4

2. Define the following types of work: Permanent, Temporary, Fixed Term, - explain the main features of each and why determining an individual’s employment status is important 4

3. Give examples of legislation that impact on: employee holidays, rest periods, working hours and night working and explain why these
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To the organisation it allows for flexibility for times when the work load is increased.
(Daniels, 2012)

Fixed term
Some contracts are intended from the outset to be of a limited duration. They may be 'task' or 'specified purpose' contracts, which state that they will end when a particular task is completed or a specified event occurs. Or they may be fixed-term contracts, which specify the period for which they will last or, the date on which they will end. Fixed-term contracts may be short, so an employee working under a contract for a day, a week or a month that is renewed on a rolling basis, is also a fixed-term employee.
Employees who work under this type of contract of limited duration are protected by the Fixed-term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002. Under the Regulations, 'fixed-term' employees include not only those working under a fixed-term contract but also those working under a task or specified purpose contract.
(EEF, 2012)

Contract of employment – importance
A contract of employment is a legal document and will set out the obligation from the company to the employee and vice versa. A legal document is extremely important if there is a dispute. The contract may include company sick pay, holiday entitlement, probationary period, hours of work, as some of the key points. All employees are workers, but an employee has additional


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