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The Chrome OS is designed to work with only specific hardware produced by Google such as Chromebook. It is created for user who spend most of the time on the Web. Hence, only a browser, a media player and a file manager are pre-installed together with the Chrome OS.


[Scheduling]{ Chrome Operating System runs the Linux 3.4.6 kernel which utilizes the Completely Fair Scheduler. This is to ensure fairness by allowing processes an equal share of the CPU. To do this, the scheduler keeps track of the amount of time each process has had with the CPU using a virtual runtime. The Completely Fair Scheduler also allows group scheduling. Group scheduling ensures that in situations where tasks spawn other tasks,
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The Sandbox is configured into two separate processes; the broker process and the target process. In Chrome OS,the broker is the browser process. The broker acts as an administrator that controls the Sandboxes processes. The target process in the Chrome OS is the renderers. The target projects job is to house all the data that is to be executed in the Sandbox as well as the Sandboxes client side architecture.[4] ++Auto Updates++ Chrome OS also implement auto updates where it checks and ensures that the version of Chrome is automatically updated with the latest security features and fixes without any action required on the user's part.


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What is Operating System?
Operating system is a collection of software which manages our computer hardware resources. It performs basic tasks, such as reading input from keyboard, monitoring files and directories of the memory, sending output to the display screen and more. In simple term, Operating System is an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware.

Operating System aims to execute user program, making problem solving easier, and utilise the computer hardware in an efficient manner. The operating system is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized users do not access the system.

All desktop computer have operating systems. The most well known are the Windows systems developed by Microsoft, and Macintosh systems developed


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