Relationship Visual Aids

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Relationship Visual Aids
Donald N. Fink
July 27, 2015
Kevin Hite

Relationship Visual Aids
An education process is more complex than talking to someone, telling them what you want them to learn about or learn how to do, and them knowing it or doing it. The purpose of education is to teach the learner a specific task, or specific information. An education plan consists of specific components. The components are simple or complex and each component leads to the next. When all the components are included, the teacher and the learner will have a successful educational experience.
The purpose or mission of the education is based upon the mission of the organization or institution in which the education is taking
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How to Write Outcomes According to "University of Connecticut” (2015), “outcomes should specify the level, criterion, or standard for the knowledge, skill, ability, or disposition that the student must demonstrate” (How to Write Program Objectives/Outcomes). An example is, the nurse completing the education will be able to identify all the supplies needed to insert an IV lock prior to completing the insertion of the IV lock.
Differences between Objectives and Outcomes The objective is the intended result of the education. The outcome is an achieved result of what is learned. The objective is a type of task the student is expected to demonstrate. The objective is what the teacher is going to teach. The outcome is what the student learned from the instruction.
The education plan consists of many parts. The plan will be a success when each part is completed. The purpose of the education is to meet the needs of the learner. The goals of the education are simple and easy to understand. The objectives answer what will be taught and learned. The outcomes are the proof of what the learner understood at the end of the education session. Each component leads to the next and it completes the plan for the learner’s education.


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