HSC 0369 Support Individuals With Specific Communication Needs 1

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This standard identifies the requirements when you support individuals who have specific communication needs. This includes identifying individuals’ specific communication preferences and needs, supporting individuals to interact with other people and monitoring communication to identify changing needs.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

You must be able to:

You must be able to:

Identify individuals’ communication preferences and needs

1 access information about the individual’s communication and language needs
P1 where information is not available or appears incomplete, use other strategies and sources to identify the individual’s communication and language needs
P2 observe the
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partnership with individuals, key people and others
K18 how to manage ethical conflicts and dilemmas in your work
K19 how to challenge poor practice
K20 how and when to seek support in situations beyond your experience and expertise


K21 the nature and impact of factors that may affect the health, wellbeing and development of individuals you care for or support
K22 theories underpinning our understanding of human development and factors that affect it

Personal and professional development

K23 principles of reflective practice and why it is important


K24 factors that can affect communication and language skills and their development in children, young people adults
K25 methods to promote effective communication and enable individuals to communicate their needs, views and preferences

Health and Safety

K26 your work setting policies and practices for monitoring and maintaining health, safety and security in the work environment
K27 practices for the prevention and control of infection


K28 the responsibility that everyone has to raise concerns about possible harm or abuse, poor or discriminatory practices
K29 indicators of potential harm or abuse
K30 how and when to report any concerns about abuse, poor or discriminatory practice, resources or operational difficulties
K31 what to do if you have reported concerns but no action is taken to address them

Handling information

K32 legal requirements, policies and procedures for