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Think – and– Share Worksheet: Part 1

Your task is to find and take at least three personality inventories. You can easily find these types of inventories online. You can also find these types of inventories in many different popular magazines. If you choose to search online, here are some ideas of verbiage to type into a search engine:

• Personality inventories test
• Personality inventory color analysis
• Big five personality test
• Dessert personality test
• Emotional intelligence test
• TV characters personality test
• Assessing Your Real and Ideal Self-Concept (in your textbook, Module 30)
• Life Orientation Test (in your textbook, Module 31)

After you have taken at least three personality tests, analyze your
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Post your experience with completing the learning activities.

When I did this activity, I had a hard time with pronouncing some of these words and I had to look them up on Google and figure out how to say them and look up the definition for each of them. These words were on a list of words most adults have a hard time saying or spelling. I did this activity with quite a few of the words to find out how well I could do. After a while I knew what they meant, but still had a hard time spelling them.
While reading through the intelligence module of the chapter, disabilities caught my eye. While researching online, one way to see if you have trouble processing information is through spelling.
paroxysm, hypochondria, paraphernalia, blasphemous, magnanimity, euphonious, peregrination, vicissitude, verisimilitued, hieroglyphics, habiliments, bereavement, fulsomely, benevolence, pirouette, equinoctial, reminiscences, idiosyncratic, clandestinely.
Spell Roll-a-Word
Instructions - start with the first word in the list above and roll a dice two or three times and whichever number you land on, perform the action (below).
One - Write the word in a sentence.
Two - Draw a picture of the word.
Three - Write a synonym for the word.
Four - Write an antonym for the word.
Five - Write the definition of the word.
Six - Write the word three times.
If you do not own dice, you can find a virtual die to use.

Some of


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