Shc 31 Answers

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Identify the different reasons people communicate  To reflect their immediate requirements and meet their needs.
 To socialise with others.
 To build relationships and understanding of peoples thoughts.
 To improve communication skills, knowledge to learn and develop.
 To express their concerns, state of mind
 If they are happy or sad.

Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

You must be able to understand what the person requires, act on it from the initial information until the matter is concluded, pass on the information to the relevant person/s to ensure the patient’s needs are met, this process takes time to have faith in your colleagues, to challenge them if you feel the right
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The more you get involved in communication, meetings and discussions the better for all it will get you out of some awkward situations, and avoid arguments.
Incorrect information acted on can have a devastating effect on the patient’s wellbeing as well as relationships with colleagues. If you try to build better relationships with colleagues it will help prevent misunderstandings with each other, ensure the correct information if passed on to the relevant people, resolved correctly and thus helped the patients.
Has the information from the patient been understood and passed on correctly.

Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication

Good understanding / interpreting of the person concerned and passing on their needs and concerns in an effective way to ensure they have the best care that is relevant for their wellbeing and progression, you may have to consider their age maybe the person has a hearing aid or is partially sighted.
If it was a child they might not be able to


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