Nfl Hbs Case Study

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NFL Case Study
1. Discuss the factors that have resulted in the NFL becoming “America’s Game” and the most popular sport in the country?
The fundamental reason for NFL becoming “America’s Game” and the most popular sport in the country is because the NFL was able to market the sport as an entertainment business.
Leveraging television and the fact that American football was only played in America, the
NFL was able to create a “holiday” feel that was unique and that American’s took pride in, as a result paid more attention to the sport. Another contributing factor was to control the quality of the product. Making sure that each team had the resources to perform professionally and one team could not gain absolute advantage was
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I do not think that this strategy has a global reach, because people outside of America needs fundamental education on this sport.
4. What is the NFL Blackout Policy (which has recently received some government attention and essentially been reversed) and what is your opinion of it? Good or bad idea and Why?
“The NFL had a “blackout policy” that prohibited home games from being aired in the local home market (defined by a 75-mile radius) if an NFL game was not sold out 72 hours in advance. Based on the idea that television was a substitute for in-stadium viewing, the rule was put in place to preserve a local team’s ability to sell tickets, thereby protecting a primary source of local revenue.”
I do not believe that the blackout policy is effective in creating sell out stadiums. I believe that stadium not selling out can be attributed by other reasons such as high ticket prices and fans showing their dissatisfaction to a losing team. Furthermore, blackouts hurt the league; without the television exposure, it becomes more difficult for those teams with low attendance and few sellouts to increase their popularity and following as the exposure decreases. 5. How has Brian Rolapp and his group transformed the NFL from a “sports property” into a
“media company”? (Discuss the difference between the two in


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