Quality Assurance Case Study

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Case Study Analysis:
Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance


This case involves a man named Hank Kolb who has recently taken on a role as the Director of Quality Assurance as a manufacturing plant. He has been brought in to ensure quality in a place that is known for have a lax attitude about quality and safety. The product described in the case is Greasex, which consists of solvents packed in cans for decreasing. The company has experience some trouble with the filling equipment

The problems in the case are related to several areas. They include personal such as the machine operator having no formal job training. Also included in plant maintenance in that the equipment was not designed specifically for Greasex in
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2. Quality should be of utmost importance.
3. Start collecting data on why and how the machine breaks down... * Mandatory formal training regarding operation of all factory machinery * Flow chart completed of the Grease-X manufacturing processes done by multi-functional team of quality, maintenance, purchasing, design engineering, packaging, &manufacturing * Look into ordering equipment to produce the product properly, try and get used equipment first and then purchase new equipment (Equipment not very good at making the product). * Purchasing needs to hold suppliers accountable for delivering quality products. Set up Supplier DPPM measure and set goals to be achieved to produce the product efficiently * Design Engineer needs to look at can design to see if it could be causing some of the problems with the pressure * Manufacturing needs to understand quality function important throughout the production of the product and training needs to happen on the floor around working with the other departments once flow chart is completed from multi-functional team * Plant Manager needs to reach out to the marketing team and let them know site needs to fix quality issues so the product coming out may be down temporarily while


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