Case Study: Pauli's Restaurant

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Ateneo de Davao University
School of Business and Governance
Business Management Division

Case Study:
Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery

Submitted by:
Joanna Paula P. Cuario

Submitted to:
Mr. Reynaldo Navacilla
Mgt 433
Mon.-Sat. / 1:00pm-2:30pm / C503 Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery


Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery is a popular downtown pub in a major city. It has different locations or expansions in six regional cities and also operates a corporate web site. On which, one of the features of the restaurant’s website is customers’ feedback section that is directly sent to the corporate Vice President and to the General Manager. However, Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery is experiencing some issues, especially
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Fishbone Diagram:

Alternative Courses of Actions

This section will discuss on how will the recommendations be integrated and implemented. The alternative will discuss the description of the method of application and implementation with how they will manage the restaurant’s improvement. Gradual Method is the alternative course that can be suggested and implemented in order to continue the improvement of their business. The advantage of this alternative is the detailed treatment of all issues and opportunities to all business function. This method is more flexible and with this method, there will be a chance of actual testing of ideas.

Major Findings

Positive Findings: After the final assessment of Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery, it was found out that the business is potential to be a market leader. This is because of their different length of operations and because the restaurant is established to geographical market industry and is expanding.

Negative Findings: It was found out that the restaurant lacks of crew members to handle services and orders and due to this, staffs needs to be