Disruptive Technology

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Disruptive Technology
The objective of this project is to explain the emergence of disruptive technology in the IT industry that will enable and help the organizations growth in a cost effective manner.
One of the hottest topics in today’s IT corridors is the uses and benefits of virtualization technologies. IT companies all over the globe are executing virtualization for a diversity of business requirements, driven by prospects to progress server flexibility and decrease operational costs.
InfoTech Solutions being dominant IT solution provider can be broadly benefited by implementing the virtualization. This paper is intended to provide the complete details of virtualization, its advantages and strategies for SMEs to
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Perhaps, such expects and worries produce more competition in the market place.

It seems that every year there is a laundry list of products and technologies that are going to “change the world as we know it.” One that seems to have potential to achieve the title of a disruptive technology is something that has been around for a while now: virtualization.

Gartner (2008) describes disruptive technology as “causing major change in the accepted way of doing things, including business models, processes, revenue streams, industry dynamics and consumer behaviors”. Virtualization is one of the top ten disruptive technologies listed by Gartner (Gartner.com).

This virtualization technology is not new to the world. As computers turn into more common though, it became obvious that simply time-sharing a single computer was not always ideal because the systems can be misused intentionally or unintentionally and that may crash the entire system to halt. To avoid this multi system concept emerged.

This multi system concept provided a lot of advantages in the organizational environment like Privacy, security to data, Performance and isolation. For example in organization culture it is required to keep certain activities performing from different systems. A testing application run in a system sometimes may halt the system or crash the system completely. So it is obvious to run the application in a separate system that won’t affect the net


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