H-E-B Own Brands

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H-E-B OWN BRANDS For over a hundred years, the H. E. Butt Grocery Company stores have provided people in Texas and Mexico with superior products and service. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, H-E-B was the 11th largest grocery chain in the United States. Florence Butt founded the company in 1905 with a $60 investment. A few generations later and four failures later, Charles Butt became president of the company in 1971 and took the family name to a higher level.
Charles Butt was committed to maintaining H-E-B's entrepreneurial spirit without detracting from the focus on the detail needed to succeed in the grocery business. The H-E-B private-label brand contributes greatly to the grocery store's success. By staying true to its
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An important benefit of H-E-B's manufacturing is the ability to create formulations especially for regional customer tastes. Examples include marinated meats with southwest seasoning, ice cream with local strawberries and home-style flour tortillas.

Own Brand Customer Research
A key point of difference from competitors is the H-E-B Product Evaluation Center. The primary role of this area is sensory evaluation. This includes supporting formula development and testing product with customers to make certain that quality and flavor standards are met. The research team also conducts frequent studies with customers to understand their needs and trends. H-E-B also has an in-house design team whose role is to design packaging that is both attractive and functional.

Own Brand Marketing
H-E-B's marketing platform focuses on a combination of TV advertising, print advertising, and in-store displays. H-E-B relies heavily on word-of-mouth marketing for its Own Brand products on the part of its in-store partners. H-E-B supports its Own Brand program with powerful merchandising and Own Brand products are featured prominently in the weekly circular. Category managers often include products in the corporate display program. These products are frequently tied to related national brands in order to enhance the usefulness of the display for a customer. Stores have the flexibility to cross


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