Mobile Computing and Its Effect in Society

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Mobile Computing And Its effect in society

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Definition 3. Beginning 4. Characteristics 5. Benefits: Pros & Cons 6. The Future 7. Statistics 8. Conclusion 9. Reference

Our society has grown so fast, and with it the technology. Now we have the ability to
Communicate with families and friends, search the internet, shop online, and search for
Information in so many ways with the help of all this new devices in the market. All that Can be done without having to be sitting in front of a computer. Sound incredible! But not impossible: Is called Mobile Computing.
Advances in the technology has made our
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This imbalance often results in workaholism.
We become connected 24/7. As cool as it may sound, being connected 24/7 is not healthy. Being connected all the time can keep you up all night resulting in lack of sleep. Lack of sleep has been proven to cause a lot of sickness. Another ill effect of being connected 24/7 is the one mentioned in the previous bullet point: work-life imbalance. Future:

Opening: Our Networks, Our Lives
Wireless communication networks are diffusing around the world faster than any other commu nication technology to date. Because communication is at the heart of human activity in all spheres of life, the advent of this technology, allowing multimodal communication from anywhere to anywhere where there is appropriate infrastructure, raises a wide range of fundamental questions. How is family life affected by the ability of its members, including children, to pursue fairly independent activities and yet be constantly in touch? Is the office on-the-run coming into existence when people can reach their working environment and their professional partners from anywhere and at any time? Is the classroom transformed by the ability of students to communicate simultaneously face to face, with their laptops, and with their cell phones? Is the technological ability to perform multitasking anywhere further compressing time in our hurried existence?


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