Healthcare Policy

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Legislation/ Policy
An estimated 32,000 people die in US hospitals each year as a result of preventable medical errors (Zahn and Miller, 2003). Also, 57,000 people in the US die because they are not receiving appropriate health care because common medical conditions such as high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol are not adequately controlled (National Committee for Quality Assurance, 2003). Risk-adjusted morality rates vary high in numbers for plenty of Medicare patients. Deaths and injuries are caused by preventable medical errors such miss diagnosis and prescribing incorrect medication. The legislation of this policy is to identify the factors that are contributing to quality problems and what can be done to elevate to resolve the
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So far policies have been effective in addressing problems and issues even before an issue may arise. The approach in addressing the problems and issues guidelines have been made and standardized. The process begins by collecting performance data, identifying and sanctioning “bad apples”, creating clinical practice guidelines, measuring practice patterns, continuous quality improvement, computerized information system, public reporting of quality, pay for reporting and performance, and financially neutral and clinical decision making. Studies have shown that guidelines are successful in influencing physicians’ practices (Cabana et al., 1999). The Performance Measurement System describes the process for reviewing organizational performance and capabilities. The review performance measure is to monitor operations and priorities at all levels of the organization, create alignment of priorities and drive decision-making about resource management and prioritization of process improvement efforts. Leaders respond promptly to performance reviews and ask tough questions at Board meetings, Executive Steering meetings, leadership meetings and quality councils. The organization should be able to respond rapidly to identify gaps and changing organizational needs and challenges. When organizational needs change or performance trends demand mid-course correction, priorities are continuously reevaluated. Additionally,


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