Apple Inc. Supply Chain

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Executive Summary
In this executive summary, i will introduce the ideas and details of Apple Inc's supply chain in its current state. We will examine Apple’s strategy of being consumer based and evaluate the current state of business and some of the partnerships it has formed to remain one of the dominating forces in this industry.
This report will cover a brief overview of the company, its current assortment of products it offers, future opportunities and threats that Apple may face, its current assortment of products it offers, recent marketing strategies, competitors to the company, and future opportunities and threats that Apple may face. The introduction gives a brief explanation of how Apple first entered the market and describes
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From this simplified diagram it is easy to see that if there is any disruption in material flow of any supplier into the Apple Shenzhen, China facility, then production of the iPhone either slows or halts altogether.
Taiwan supplies 6 of the 10 parts that comprise the Apple iPhone. This can be viewed as a strategic approach by Apple, concentrating sourcing the majority of the parts from one country. this can also be seen as a major risk, if there is any turmoil in the political econom of Taiwan, then material and product flow might be disrupted.

Sourced materials from Taiwan in the Apple iPhone Supply Chain

We also know that the Austin, Texas Apple Operation is largely where Apple Care physically sits, with another office just outside of Sacramento, California. They also have outsourcing partners but the Austin, Texas Apple Care is the headquarters.
So, more completely, then, the high-level iPhone supply chain may represent like this: iPhone supply chain flow chart

Issues currently faced by Apple Inc.
In AMR Research in 2008, "Supplies Top series 25" list, Apple took home the top position, beating Nokia, Dell, Procter and Gamble, IBM, Wal-Mart and others because of a combination of industrial designs brilliant, interfaces, program exceptional and consumer goods Which are purely digital. Mechanical and financial benefits of this approach include extremely high


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