Short Story Analysis: “a Television Drama”

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Short Story Analysis: “A Television Drama”
Plot Summary
The short story’s plot begins by introducing the main character Carolee Mitchell. Carolee is in her home doing her daily chores when suddenly she looks out her window to find many policeman, police dogs and police cars outside on her street. Carolee did not know what was happening so she continued on with her chores. In a few moments Carolee notices a young man drenched in blood in her garden outside. Carolee wants to call the police but questions what good it would be considering they are already on her street. She wants to call someone but none of her neighbors were home. Thinking that he was injured and maybe was not even the man the police were after, she looked out the window
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I could really only find 1 literary device that was used in the story.
I believe the theme in the story is the impact of violence on society. Violence can impact society in many ways like when Carolee saw the man who was drenched in blood. After when the reporters explained what happened with the man and what he has done Carolee was impacted greatly because she had not ever seen something like this before. Something that was so close to her.
Author’s Background While reading the brief biography of Jane Rule i have noticed that her short story “A Television Drama” does not really relate to her background whatsoever. When doing further research into Jane Rule i have found that she was an author or many genres and types of literature and that she just wrote what she wanted to.
Literary Review
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In my opinion the story had a very good writing style and technique. It was very easy to understand what was happening and provided great detail when it was provided. The story also had a good point to it being that violence can impact many things in many ways. What amazed me the most about the author, Jane Rule, is that she is a very popular author and is actually


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