Fields in Psychology

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Fields in Psychology | Definition | Abnormal Psychology | It is the study of abnormal behavior. It is actually a branch of psychology that deals with the study of abnormal behavioral patterns and their causes. | Psychology of Addiction | A complete dependence on a certain substance or drug is known as addiction. Both physiological and psychological factors can lead to addiction. The psychology of addiction analyzes these factors and attempts to find ways of controlling addiction. The study of this field of psychology is closely related to rehabilitation and community psychology, and is of help in counseling the addicts to start a new life. | Psychology of Advertising | Advertising is largely based on customer behavior. Marketing …show more content…

| Counseling Psychology | This branch of psychology deals with the art of counseling people about their roles in personal or professional life. It focuses on issues related to stress management. | Clinical Psychology | It deals with the analysis and treatment of health disorders related to psychology. It deals with the clinical management of individuals with respect to their neural and psychological functioning. | Psychology of Communication | It analyzes the different patterns of behavior that lead to the expression of different kinds of emotions. It deals with the study of various types of communication like verbal and nonverbal or direct and indirect communication. | Psychology of Creativity | Creativity leads to new discoveries. Creativity is God's gift. Plainly put, it is the understanding of unique and complex relationships between various components of the environment. | Criminal Psychology | This field of psychology deals with the study of the thinking and behavioral patterns of criminals. It analyzes the factors that lead to criminal behavior and involves understanding a criminal's mind. | Developmental Psychology | This field of psychology attempts to analyze the behavioral patterns of individuals in different age groups. It analyzes the patterns of changes in behavior with advancing age. | Psychology of Dreams | According to the famous theory of Sigmund Freud, dreams are the means of expression of one's


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