C200 Task1

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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Assessment Code: C200-Task 1
Name: Nongbzanga Tiendrebeogo
ID: 464060
Date: 25/9/2015
Mentor Name: Michelle Caldwell

Table of Contents

Acacia Overview 3
Acacia Description 3
Leadership Practices at Acacia 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture at Acacia 5 SWOT Analysis of Acacia 7
Organizational Strengths of Acacia 7
Organizational Weaknesses of Acacia 8
Organizational Opportunities of Acacia 8
Organizational Threats of Acacia 9 Leadership Evaluation at Acacia 10
Leadership Strengths at Acacia 10
Leadership Weaknesses at Acacia 11
Recommendations for Leadership Development at Acacia 12
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The main characteristic that made me classify her leadership practice is the fact that she knows and understands herself and act consistently with higher order ethical values and also empower and inspire us with her authenticity and openness.
As an authentic leader that she is, she pursues her purpose with passion. For instance, having the discrepancies decrease by half in the department being one of her goals, she strived with passion to empower us enough to accomplishment. This certainly plays a big role in the effectiveness of the organization because she inspires commitment for followers.
Ms. Jenny’s practice of solid values is a leadership practice that makes her a great example. This is great values that inspires trust to us employees and help us reach effectiveness.
A transactional leader can also be called a leadership practice that describes Ms. Jenny. She excels at management functions, she is very hard working, empathetic and fair minded. For example, she is the type of leader that clarifies the role and task requirement of employees, provide appropriate rewards. She grants a half of day per to each employee that successful complete they bill of the month without discrepancies. This is an example of positive reinforcement she applies in the department that makes her a great transactional leader.
Relationship between


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