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Running Header: Bipolar Life



This project will look at the character, Dr. Kay Jamison, from the autobiography, “An Unquiet

Mind.” It summarizes the whole book which is based on her life experiences while dealing with

bipolar. It describes how she was diagnosed with the disorder. This project discuss symptoms,

causes, and treatments. It will talk about the defense mechanisms that Dr. Kay Jamison most

commonly used, rationalization and sublimation. The theoretical perspectives that were used to

describe her disorder were the humanistic and the psychodynamic approach. Kay learned to deal

with her disorder and took
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confided in those she could trust and was fortunate to have the love and support from so many

friends, family, husband and colleagues. As she pointed out there are so many people in many professions suffering from this

condition. Many manic depressant individuals end up self-medicating, making them alcoholics

or drug abusers and eventually committing suicide. She went on with her life with no regrets and

lives it without guilt or embarrassment. This is not a condition that is brought upon by up

bringing or lifestyle. Manic depression is a disease that requires treatment. The author is able to

see from a different perspective as to how the condition effects patients and has a unique

understanding of the illness. She can describe from a firsthand point of view on the importance

of taking medication for this condition.

Part II: Diagnosis
Axis I: Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Illness).

Axis II: No personality or developmental disorders.

Axis III: No medical conditions.

Axis IV: She had multiple stressors that could have influenced her disorder. She moved to

California, off the military base where she felt most comfortable. She had a bad relationship with

her sister, her father had a drinking problem, high school was to difficult, divorced her husband,

and had many relationships with other men.

Axis V: Lowest Score: 19. Even though Kay knew she had something wrong with her


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