History of Psychology Paper

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History of Psychology Paper
May 3, 2010

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In other words, he believed that a person’s mind and behavior should be subject to being scientifically analyzed. Wundt expressed the importance of introspection and self-exploration. According to Goodwin (2008), the observations and recording of the essence of one’s own perceptions, though and feelings are known as introspection. Wundt believed in the separation of mind and body, without any interaction. Each time a conscious experience happened in the mind, a reaction occurred in the body. For instance, if a person has an angry thought, then the reaction in the body may be that of a feeling of rage. The mind and body work hand in hand with each other. If the mind has a thought, then the body has a reaction and vice versa.
Functionalism was a new approach to psychology that was brought about by William James. It is the study of how the mind works so that a one can adapt and function in its environment. William James is known for establishing the first psychology laboratory in America as well as the principles of psychology. James had a belied that mentality must be seen as an ongoing process and not something that is broken up into pieces. He believed that emotions arose internally and that they came from an emotional situation. In other words, if a person has a fear of heights and they are standing at the top of a building, they are going to have a physical reaction due to their emotional state. Hence


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