Consumer Psychology and Marketing

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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis
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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis

Consumer psychology is described as the study of the patterns or choices that people make when purchasing items or services (Perner, 2010). It involves trying to predict the buying patterns of consumers, as well as what types of advertisements or promotions reach various groups of consumers (Perner, 2010). Depending on the scholars and their areas of expertise, many different articles reflect a different definition of consumer psychology, which as a result affects how the subjects and the marketing communication messages are defined. Based on the
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On the other hand, in “Simulating market dynamics: Interactions between consumer psychology and social networks,” consumer psychology is conceptualized as an equation that is determined by the social networks that a consumer belongs to (Janssen and Jager, 2003). The researchers determine that people make decisions on the items and services that they will use based on two mechanisms, which is the products that other people use on a daily basis, as well as the social needs that people have (Janssen and Jager, 2003). The researchers hypothesized that marketers could use the formula, E[Uncij] = (1-B) (1-xj), would efficiency predict what types of products and services would survive in the market (Janssen and Jager, 2003). Several factors that influence this formula are repetition, deliberation, imitation, and social comparison (Janssen and Jager, 2003). By using this formula, marketers are able to be developed to create marketing communication messages that reach the appropriate consumers (Janssen and Jager, 2003). The researchers also believed that this formula could help to account for the effects that social networks have on a marketer’s ability to reach various groups and areas with a product and service (Janssen and Jager, 2003). By evaluating the various ways in which researchers frame the definition of consumer psychology, one can gain a better understanding


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