Problems of Human Resources Development

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Problems of Development

Even though Menme care has integrated human resources development into their strategic planning there are still some noticeable problems. One of the common problems that faced Menme care when offering training to its employees was staff resistance to learn new skills and change. Some members of staff that had been with the company for a long time were very reluctant to go on any training. This could be for many reasons such as anxiety around education and re-learning (particularly older employees). Also resistance to change, again this is for many reasons such as many employees sitting comfortable with current running of the company, the thought of having to learn new skills and ways of working can be daunting
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The only training they have received is the induction training which is provided to all staffs before commencement of work. This kind of problem is also mentioned in Torrington et al. (2008) where it stated that development is focussed on senior staffs, beginners and those with specialist post, in the case of menme care, these staffs are the IT professionals, new staffs and senior management staffs, other staffs that makes up the largest percentage of employee in the organisation are almost been neglected.
Random selection of few staff for training and development courses within colleagues that holds the same post. In other word, the management makes the decision without taken time to find out staffs that need to be trained, some staffs are trained more than the others which cause other staff to feel neglected. This can also result in jealous tension within teams or colleagues
Few staffs feels they are over qualified because they are often selected for any training that comes up, even though some of the training they go for are irrelevant to the position held, as a result, they refuse to go for more relevant training
Nature of what happened and the impact of the key stake holders.
As mentioned earlier, employees are often neglected in terms of given relevant training and are often not trained for a long time. Another example of this situation happened in Menme care in 2007 where some staffs were


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