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1. Would Kyocera be a good company to work for? Why or why not?
I feel that Kyocera would be a great company to work for. I believe that the company practices not only to the firms business but its employees as well. This is the very least I can say about companies in America. Everyday you turn on the T.V you hear about mass layoffs and ethics not be pursued correctly in our country. I think that Kyocera should be a model firm that all businesses should admire and strive to be after. Just the simple facts that Mr. Inamori would stay late working at his own business are phenomenal, and a practice should be rewarded.

2. Is Inamori's leadership style linked to Kyocera's core competencies? Why or why not?
Yes, I believe it is
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4. Assess Benetton's efforts to boost sales in the United States. What recommendations would you make to management and why?
I feel that their new plans to open up new stores in New York and Atlanta are a great idea, but also believe that it should not stop there. I would propose that they focus on gaining popularity of their company by putting together a whole new campaign focusing on social consciousness of America with topics concerning war in Iraq or even the recent devastating Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana victims. I think that if they use these campaigns in a not so harsh manner, they could really get a positive response from America consumers, but they definitely need to tone it down a bit. This will in turn allow them to open up new stores in America nationally, and become a very well known chain such as the GAP, but a different twist.

1. Evaluate Volkswagen's goal of becoming Europe's first global automaker. What is the rationale behind the strategy?
Volkswagen has been a long standing automaker for a very long time, and thrives on being the best internationally. They believe that there is no way that they can be the best in America and in other countries, if they do not first conquer the country in which they are in; Europe.
2. What is the biggest challenge currently facing Volkswagen management?
Sales seem to be


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