Cross Cultural Management in Russia

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Cross Cultural Management in Russia
February 24, 2008

Business Management in Russia The purpose of this paper is to educate me as I prepare to embark on a journey of management of a bunch of Russians as well as having to report to a Russian boss. There are many areas I will need to have an operational understanding of to successfully supervise the native people of Russia. These areas of the Russian culture I will need to have a functional knowledge of include, but won’t be limited to, attitudes and beliefs, family values, etiquette, punctuality, religion, appearance, behavior and communications. In addition to the aforementioned components I will lead a discussion of Hofstede’s Four Dimensions of Culture, the GLOBE study, and
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I should not leave the table until invited to do so. These tips should assist me in surfing smoothly through dinner at a Russian’s home. In my relationships and communication with my Russian employees, I will need to observe that they are transactional and it will not be necessary for me to establish a close personal relationship prior to us performing work. I will work on establishing a network of high ranking people that I will get to know well and trust to assist me in getting through any issues or red tape that I may encounter. I will have to be sincere and patient in order to build trust. To portray an “all business” attitude may cause problems within the workforce. My best option is to error on the side of formality when first meeting with my workforce. I will know that I have succeeded in building a relationship with an individual, if I should be asked for a favor by that individual. I will need to be punctual to business meetings, punctuality is a must. I had better not ever be tardy. I will need to make appointments as far in advance as possible because it can often take up to six weeks to get a meeting arranged if I am meeting with someone such as a high ranking official of the organization. I will avoid setting meetings in May as there are numerous public holidays that fall in the course of that month. Due to changing schedules, everything will takes much longer that expected, so I may have to wait for a while. If I ever need to I may cancel meetings


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