Scin140 Amu Quiz 1

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Quiz 1: Chapters 1 and 2 Part 1 of 1 - 96.0/ 100.0 Points
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Which of the following statements associated with poverty is CORRECT?
1) Poverty is defined as having a per person income of less than $2 per day, expressed in U.S. dollars adjusted for purchasing power.
2) The number of people living in poverty has been steadily declining and today less than one billion people live in poverty worldwide.
3) Poverty is a condition in which people are unable to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, education, or health. A.1 only B.2 only C.3 only
Correct D.Both 1 and 3 apply as descriptions of poverty.

Answer Key: D Feedback: Section 1.1 Human Impacts on the
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In the control group, the chosen variable is altered however all other variables are held constant.
Correct B.In the experimental group, a chosen variable is altered in a known way. In the control group, that chosen variable is not altered so a comparison can be made. C.In the experimental and control groups two different variables are altered. D.In the control group, a chosen variable is altered in a known way. In the experimental group that chosen variable is not altered so a comparison can be made.

Answer Key: B Feedback: Section 1.3 Environmental Science

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Why is a risk analysis usually performed in solving environmental problems? A.To monitor the initial assessment and modeling of the problem. B.To solicit public opinion about how evidence should be interpreted when selection a course of action.
Correct C.To analyze the potential effect of an intervention versus doing nothing. D.To provide public awareness and endorsement.

Answer Key: C Feedback: Section 1.4 How we Handle Environmental Problems

Question 12 of 25 4.0/ 4.0 Points

A journalist reports on what Garrett Hardin (in 1968) referred to as a “Tragedy of the Commons”? The media story concerns:
Correct A.the environmental costs that everyone must pay in the long run due to individual exploitation of resources for short-term gains. B.a disaster that happened in the


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