IB biology assesment- the effect of heat on vitamin c

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Biology SL Internal Assessment

What is the effect of heat on vitamin C concentrated in lemon juice?

“Vitamins are complex organic substances that are needed in very small amounts for many of the essential processes carried out in the body.” 1It is estimated and supported scientifically that only a few mg are filling the daily recommendation, which is essential for a healthy living. As most of vitamins cannot be produced by our bodies, we need to obtain them from the food, supplements etc. Called Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is found in many products such as fruits, vegetables and diary products. It is needed in humans for a correct function of tissues in our body as well as ascorbic acid is involved
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Lemon type
As now we have a possibility to gain different types of food, this includes lemons. Different types of lemon could be grown in different conditions therefore their nutrition contents could be affected.
Lemons were bought in the same store, at the same time. They were bought in a 4-pack; therefore i expected them to be the same type lemons. Using the same lemon type prevents us from having uncertainties in the experiment.
Age of lemon
The time that lemon spends in unnatural conditions could affect their contents, including their freshness and also vitamin C amount.
Lemons were bought at the same day, and i have check whether they were rather hard than soft, according to my senses and belief that if they are hard therefore should be fresh. After feeling their hardness, according to common knowledge i have assumed that they are fresh.

Equipment: Gloves, Thermometer Oxidised DCPIP 10 glass tubes Lab coat, Knife Cutting board 10 ml syringe 2x 1ml syringe Plastic cup 4 lemons Fruit squeezer 500ml beaker Electric kettle Water boiler

1. Collect and set the equipment by placing the equipment on the table in right sequence of use and importance.
2. Put on the scientific coat and gloves to avoid danger of getting burned by hot water.
3. Cut the lemon into slices,