Hr Assessment 2 Escape to the Wild

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HR Assessment – Task 2
Outcomes 2 & 3

Escape to the Wild Report
To ensure Escape to the Wild’s continued successful and profitable expansion, the
Managing Director has expressed his wish for the company to take on a more Strategic approach to the way it recruits trains and promotes its employees.
To implement this new strategic approach a human resource function should be introduced. The following describes four activities the human resource function will undertake in order to support the company’s expansion and success:
Recruitment & Selection
The purpose of recruitment and selection is to reduce the risk of poor selection and attract well qualified candidates to the job. Systematic planning and preparation will
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A strategic pay and rewards system can lift motivation and drive service improvement if people are rewarded properly for their contributions. It can also prevent discrimination and ensure that all staff are paid fairly, thereby eliminating any liability to equal pay claims.
Pay and rewards activities include: Pay rates/scales, Grading Structures, Job evaluation, Incentive schemes, bonuses, pension scheme, non cash benefits such as health insurance.

The implementation of a pay and rewards system within the human resource function for Escape to the Wild would mean there would no longer be a requirement to outsource the salary administration work as this would be done internally by their own employees and would reduce costs long term. The Managers would no longer be burdened with the task of determining new employee’s initial salary levels and the Finance Director would no longer have to deal with requests regarding salary increases. There would be clearly defined policies and procedures regarding pay and rewards and this would address the issues with inconsistencies relating to pay and conditions boosting morale and giving staff a sense of equality and fair treatment.

Employee Relations
Employee Relations involves maintaining employer/employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale. Essentially, Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving


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