Natural Knibbles Case Study

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1.0 Executive Summary
Natural Knibbles, an established health food company, is facing a number of challenges due to changes within the market and business environment. To fix these problems, it is important to outline the role of the HR manager, as well as identify the HRM activities and steps that Natural Knibbles would need to take to develop an effective HR plan.

It is important for the HR manager to be involved in the management team, and have the opportunity to contribute to the organisations’ strategic decisions. HR managers take a more strategic approach by gaining a better understanding of the organisation, the employees, stakeholders, products and finances, helping them fulfil their role by translating business strategy into
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Natural Knibbles will be faced with the challenge of linking business strategies with HR policies and practices. By integrating the HRM role with the management team, this will allow the HR manager to become a strategic partner of the organisation

3.3 Administrative Expert
For an HR manager to create value for the company, he/she must re-engineer HR activities through the use of technology and the re-design of work (Stone, 2008 p9). One way Natural Knibbles can redesign their work practices is by introducing a specially designed Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS) to assist with any future changes and staff issues. While HRIMS lead to an efficient and effective workplace, they can be costly as they involve training, on-going development and maintenance (Stone, 2008 p95).

3.4 Employee Champion
As an Employee Champion, the HR manager must be able to relate to the employees, and meet their needs (Stone, 2008 p9). In order to fulfil this role, the HR manager must interact with employees and understand any issues or concerns they may have, to become a voice for them by passing on these concerns to management. By doing this, employees will be able to outline their goals and objectives, and ‘perform their jobs successfully’ (Stone,