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This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. The questions cover aviation subjects studied for the issue of the commercial pilot's licence and general aircraft handling. The questions are answered by pointing and clicking the required answer using the mouse. To move to the next question click on the 'next' button. To go back to a question click on the 'previous' button. To change your answer point and click at another answer. The assessment is not timed. You should expect to take about 20 minutes to answer all the questions.

1)Jet airliners like the 737 or A320 have swept wings. The reason for this sweep back is?

To reduce drag at the design cruise mach number."/>
To enable these aricraft to use less space when
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You would"/>
Continue with the descent, advise ATC of the RA and look out for other aircraft"/>
Continue the descent but turn 90 degrees off the assigned heading and advise ATC"/>
"Manoeuvre following the RA guidance and advise ATC"/>

23)Before starting the final descent on an NDB approach you would"/>
Tune the beacon and calculate the required rate of descent"/>
Monitor the beacon identification and descend when on the runway heading"/>
Ensure that you are within +/- 5 degrees of the inbound QDM"/>

24) At 1700 feet on an ILS approach the GPWS sounds 'Whoop, whoop, pull up, pull up'. Would you"/>
Check the ILS glideslope is within one dot and cross check altitude with the radio altimeter"/>
Immediately go around following the standard missed approach procedure, inform ATC"/>
Cancel the GPWS, check on the glidepath and increase thrust as a precaution"/>

25)At what distance from the stop end of the runway do the centre line lights change from red/white to red ?"/> 900m"/>

26)Taxyway lighting consists of"/>
Green centre line lights with blue edge lighting"/>
Green centre line lights with green edge lights on corners"/>
White centre line lights with red edge lights on corners"/>

27)While in the holding pattern waiting to land you notice that the total fuel in tanks has fallen below company minimum reserves. What action would you take ?"/>
Declare a 'Fuel emergency' and set the transponder to 7600"/>
Declare an