Guest Cycle-Hospitality Operations

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I will be covering a full report on:
• The Guest Cycle (4 stages)
• Related activities
• Related documents
Indicating the importance of them and thus discussing;
The identification of problems encountered by guests and suggesting how to minimise/eliminate such problems.

This report is specifically for a the General manager of a new 128 bedroom 4* Galway City Centre Hotel, an will involve me discussin the above issues that will help identify furture problem with the hotel and its guest or even current problems the hotel face.

Guest cycle
The guest cycle is a flow of business that is measured throughout the entire stay of a hotels guest and by highlighting them
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The process involves several tasks (activities) and accounts (documents) to be made note off such as: * Check that guest account is up-to-date and accurate and add any charges if charges are due to be added. * Check the vouchers or credit cards that the guests have provided to make sure that they are legitimate sources of payment. * Make sure all charges during daily activities that were made by the guest within the hotel that should be charged to the guest account, are charged to the guest account. * Double check all accounts, notes posted during the day and balances. * Make a report for the morning staff and manager of the night audit taking into account of the results of all the guest accounts and finances of the hotel after the previous day. (Knowles, 1998)
The following is a list of documents that are used throughout the guest cycle: i. Hotel diary: this is a diary posted up for all front office staff to keep up-to-date with day to day happenings within the hotel, it involves guest information, corrections to account etc… ii. List of arrives: either on computer system or actual written out list of guests and designated rooms. iii. Housekeeping account: up-to-date record of rooms that need cleaning and rooms that are already cleaned. iv. Pre-arrival document: for front office to have an idea


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