Planning a Successful Event

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This report looks into the planning process of a food and drink festival held in Leeds. The report will be analysing the stages of the planning process chosen for this particular event, and it will be specifying the sector of the market in which will be targeted to attract to the festival. It will also be discussing issues which may occur before, during and after the event and how it is best dealt with to overcome any problems which may be endured. It will include how to best promote the event by advertisement and how it will influence the attendance and success of the event. It will also show how other events like the food and drink festival in Manchester, the East Midlands and in York have been a success and how through that
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The festivals have proved to be extremely successful and many have gone on for over a decade drawing in crowds up to 20 000 visitors over the duration that it is open.

3.2 Public opionions
A way of researching if the event would be a success or not would be to research the public opinion and if they would be interested in attending the event. This could be by collecting data by getting staff members out on the streets of Leeds and asking the general public questions such as; ‘ What are your thoughts of a food and drink festival being hosted in Leeds city centre?’, ‘ What are your favourite foods?’, ‘Would you attend the festival?’ if they respond no then indicate that the festival would be free admission and see if that would change their mind.
By asking the general public their opinion you would have more knowledge about if the event would be perceived in a positive way and could then estimate a more realistic number of people expected to attend.

3.3 Advertising on a national Scale

In advertising on a national scale, it would be a way of ensuring that the target of 20 000 people attending the Leeds Food and Drink festival would be met. The ways of advertising on a national scale are endless. A few ways of doing this would be to advertise at the other Food and Drink festivals across the UK. This would be one of the most main ways of advertising for this as it would attract the consumers who already have an interest in events like this and


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