Sex Tourism

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Candace Primm
Dixon Edwards
October 26, 2010

Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is the act of tourists traveling to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes that are residents of the destination. A sex tourist is an adult that travels in order to have legal consensual sexual activities with another adult for gifts and most often money. By using existing tourism methods of travel these activities have become easily feasible for any individual looking to explore this sector of tourism. Creating a normal vacation with the intention of having sexual relations is a simple process. Sex tourism benefits every sector of the travel industry including: airlines, taxis, restaurants, and hotels. Some regions of the world, that have already developed a
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Tourist who travel for street prostitution often know exactly where it is easiest to come across these ladies who are so ready to sell themselves. Tourists consider it a hobby for pleasure; sex workers consider it their source of income for life.
Brothel prostitution is known as many other names such as: bordello, cathouse, whorehouse, sporting house, gentleman’s club, and several slang terms. This form is an establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution, providing the prostitutes a place to meet and have sexual intercourse and other sexual acts with clients. After World War II most European countries made brothels illegal. In the first half of the twentieth century Italy and France were famous for their brothels. Later in 1946 France outlawed them, then in 1959 Italy did the same. Still in some countries brothels are legal and regulated, they must be licensed but this did not stop illegal brothels from still existing. In 2009 an Australia newspaper wrote that in Queensland only ten percent of prostitution happens in licensed brothels, the rest of the ninety percent remains either unregulated or illegal. In the US, Nevada prostitutes work on a contract and split their earning with the house. They often expect a “tip”, receive no benefits such as health insurance and no withholding for Social Security. Others are considered employees; they receive a small fixed salary and a portion of the money spent by the customer. This is


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