Suitability of Project Management with Organisational Change Initiatives

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I agree that project based management is ideally suited to organizational change. Projects produce change and their management technique is undertaken to achieved a specified outcomes that requires commitment of skills and resources (Stuckenbruck,1981). Meanwhile, change management is best described by Parker (2013) as a planned process of transitioning from one state to another through a sequence steps with a focus on generating the acceptance from individuals undergoing the change. The similarity between project based management and change management apparent when each purpose is contrast; project based management focuses extensively on tasks and output while change management emphasizes people and outcome.

Project based management
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Ideally, this is similar to the project management initiating stage (PMI, 2008) where a key output is to identify influential stakeholders.

PMBoK (PMI, 2008) describes planning as those processes performed to establish the total scope of the project, define and refine the purpose, and develop the course of action required to meet the project goals. The planning includes activities such as developing the project plan, developing scope requirements, creating the work breakdown structure, developing the schedule and required activities, developing budgets and costs, planning for quality, the human resource plan, communication plans, risk management and procurement which the purpose to lay track and navigation for the project to execute. Kotter’s (2007) third step “Creating a vision” might be considered as aligning with this stage of the project management life cycle. A vision says something that helps clarify the direction in which an organization needs to move. Significantly, project management activities are one dimensional; following consecutive linear pattern (Parker, 2013) towards the project’s objectives and goals.

It is extensively argued that a transformation invariably fails or succeeds in the middle stage of the change process; the implementation of the plan. From a PMBoK


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