A Typical Financial Advisor Business Plan

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Typical Business Plan for a Financial Advisor

A.) Executive Summary:

The role of the wealth manager is not to simply sell a financial product to a prospect. Instead, a wealth manager’s first concern is developing a comprehensive understanding of the client, a client-centric approach to providing financial solutions. Next the wealth manager must match the right solutions to the client’s needs and desires and ensure he or she receives an exceptional service experience. After that, product and service sales opportunities will naturally follow. Making the transition is clearly a trade-off between short-term results and long-term success. Financial security through goals-based wealth management. As a wealth manager with Merrill Lynch,
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Key Wealth Management Points:

- Perception ( Cash Management )
- Personal Touch ( Protection, Asset Management)
- Integrated Information ( Tax Planning, Retirement and Estate Planning )
- Multichannel Access ( Credit )
- Asset Allocation ( Proper Risk Management )

B.) Customer Analysis

3.What would your ideal client look like?

A substantial amount of old and new wealth needs managing. Factors like increased volatility and uncertainty, the growing number and complexity of financial products available, and increased personal responsibility for retirement planning have made many previously confident investors realize that they do, in fact, need advice. Before embarking on an ambitious and expensive wealth management effort, firms should carefully consider the needs of the customer segment they are trying to target. Designing an offering that matches the competencies that attractive segments value to the firm’s capabilities is the key to successful wealth management.

Ideal Client Profile:

Identifying attractive customer segments is just the first step in outlining a viable wealth management strategy. I would focus on the wealthiest customers, and then take full advantage of their established reputations and relationships. Successful entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, corporate


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