History of the Event Industry

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Event essay (2350 words) Throughout the years the event industry has gained a major place in everyday life. From the first events of the 19th century, such as the Great Exhibition, to a 2012 music festival. The event industry has developed a huge help to our country’s economy. To the extent of which the “government is supporting and promoting events as part of their strategies for economic development” (Bowdin and Allen, 2006). There are several types of events. Nowadays, there is almost an event for anything imaginable. First, we will analyse what exactly an event is and the different type of events, then we will be looking at the origins of years. Therefore, we will be able to estimate the future of events.
First, there are several
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Robert Newman, the founder of the event, (Nedal, 2010,[online]) announced his goals as such:
“I am going to run nightly concerts and train the public by easy stages. Popular at first, gradually raising the standard until I have created a public for classical and modern music.”

After noticing the growth of events, Wood (1982) drew attention to the start of the event industry. She recognised that organising popular celebrations required wealth for people to participate therefore bank holidays emerged, such as, the Silver Jubilee and the Golden Jubilee. These bank holidays enabled the working class to participate in the events thanks to their paid days off. This is when the government starts paying more attention to the event industry.

After the Second World War, events are recognised to be of high importance to the economy of the country. Indeed, hundreds of festivals emerged thanks to the general increase of wealth and the free time availability. Foreign cultural events increased as well, for instance, the West Indian community founded the Notting Hill Carnival in 1964 to celebrate and commemorate their ancestors’ freedom from slavery (Holder, 2001). Around the 1970’s, a large amount of popular music festivals appeared, for example, the Pilton Festival and the Isle of Wight


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