SOF 535 Chocoholics Anonymous Report Te

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Chocoholics Anonymous
Team Protégé
Thomas P. Vande Zande
Padma Rilapur
Sravani Tadimeti
Tenaaz Aqthari Syed Muneer
Stratford University SOF 535
Professor Butu
December 6, 2014

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Chocoholics Anonymous
While assessing the needs of the Chocoholics Anonymous organization our team agreed unanimously that we wanted to gain the most value out of this project. We first sat down and decided our approach for how to handle this project in the most professional and business simulating way possible. During this sit down we agreed to treat this project like a real business venture. For that we would use a hybrid approach that consisted of some project management techniques as well as agile software
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The hardest part of creating this was keeping them all together in the way they were designed. By this I mean the color and design flow. We wanted all the items to look like they belonged together and function together. This would provide an unrivaled experience given the proper back end programming. We exploited the strength of our team and used HTML5 and CSS3 for the mock up. This mock up showed the basic flow that a use would see when navigating and traversing through the application. This interface came together in a very professional fashion and very quickly. The looming question with the user interface though was the implementation behind the graphics.
Development Design When thinking about implementations for the backend we tried to think functionally what would need to be created from package structure to classes themselves. When beginning to create the appropriate documents to support this project regarding development we decided that a quick review of our textbook would provide the needed guidance. We referenced “Section 13.1 Workflow Analysis” on pages 405-406 in favor of using the methods we have learned for creating the proper class diagrams. This would offer us the advantage of offering entities and their interaction in the application to the developers. This would provide the clearest understanding of the application to be developed. We managed to come up with a basic class structure that we, not