Supply Chain Management and Information Technology

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Supply Chain Management and Information Technology

This paper will discuss how to achieve the benefits of cost reduction and profits through the utilization of information technology and information systems by examining processes between buyers and sellers, along with the supply chain.
As information systems technology advances, supply chain partners can now work together to optimize performance. A basic enabler for coordination is information sharing, which has been greatly facilitated by the advances in information technology.
In traditional supply chain management, orders are the only information exchanged, but information technology now allows demand and inventory data to be quickly and inexpensively shared. This paper
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The Supplier would need to submit additional information set forth in the RFQs, which can be included as a comment with each bid, and will be discussed during supplier individual training session or the supplier may submit this information within the specified timeframe, usually 48 hours, prior to start of the auction to the buyer.

The close time may be extended based on overtime rules. For example, if there are less than 2 minutes remaining for the event to end and a bidder places a bid the event will extend an additional 2 minutes. This will continue in the same way until no additional bids are placed, then the event will close at the current end time at that point.

At the close of the auction, the Buyer will review all the bids and make a decision on the winner. Each Seller is requested to provide line item pricing per last bid quoted at the close of auction within 48 hours of the auction to the buyer. In the event of technical difficulties, the business holding the auction reserves the right to close and re-start the event.

What are the roadblocks to installing supply chain software?
· Gaining trust between suppliers and potential partners.
· Internal Resistance
· Learning Curve
Supply chain automation is distinctively tricky because its complexity extends past a business’ walls. Employees within a business and the employees of the company in which they plan to add to their network will need to change the way they work.


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