Asses the Importance of Meeting Organisational and Legal Requirements When Planning a Business Event

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In this assignment the author will discuss the organisational and legal requirements when planning a funeral service. The beginning part will be the basic issues that need to be made when holding an event and then the legal requirements will be mentioned that should take place when holding this event.
Holding an event is a very rewarding exercise provided everything runs according to plan. However things can go wrong and the consequences to the event organiser can be very serious. Events that are well organised are great and fun and encourages audience and visitors to come back for more. Badly organised will be remembered by many but for all the wrong reasons. Organising an event can be a frightening prospect, however with good preparation
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From anyone facing a claim or prosecution relating to health and safety, the difference between having a not having a written risk assessment may be significant.
4. Insurance
For any event it should be wise able to take out Public Liability Insurance to provide cover in order to pay compensation in respect of any accidental damage to third party property or from any injury to person at the event. Where ever you event is being held, you will be asked to provide evidence of your insurance cover, before the event can take place. Policy can cover must be for a minimum indemnity sum between £1-5 million per claim. Insurance cover can be obtained through most local insurance brokers. Events insurance cover Event insurance usually includes the following cover components. The information given is for informational purposes only and is not intended as or should not be construed as advice. You should always discuss the event


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