Analysing Crowd Control

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Are inadequate crowd control measures a significant problem for major events?

Crowd management is known to be one of the most essential aspects within any major event. From pre planning stages to execution, crowd control techniques lay a foundation for a controlled, safe and well-regulated environment. Due to poorly established risk assessments and crowd administration, many large-scale events in the past have ended in terrible tragedy. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the trends of crowd management that are compromising the safety of all event attendees and determine how these trends can be rectified for future concerts and festivals. This will be achieved by exploring what crowd control entails and identifying the
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Many event managers agree that crowd control is one of the most crucial parts of the preparation stages of an event and are always thorough when implementing adequate controls and procedures to ensure the safety of all the attendees. There has, however, been many severe crowd incidents dating as far back as the late 1800’s and one will question whether the disasters of the past would have helped today’s society to learn from the mistakes of these catastrophes.

Through the research of this article, is has been found that the common threads that lead to crowd disasters at major events include inadequate planning, over excited crowds, lack of crowd supervision and insufficient knowledge about a free . More simply it is revealed that enthusiastic crowds coupled with incompetent management have within them their own seeds of disaster.

The literature gathered for this journal article is primarily secondary research, including descriptive and qualitative methodologies. The key sources used are detailed articles on the topic of crowd control, all sharing the same view but with different perspectives. Primary research was also used in a form of an in depth interview. The interviews were conducted in order to gain further insight from the point of view of Vicky Garlick, an Event manager and Matthew Loftus, a retired security guard who worked on large scaled events.

The purpose of this paper is to


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