Personal Success Paper

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How to Succeed in Graduate School
Kelly S. Matthews
HSN /505

How to Succeed in Graduate School

While I will have to sacrifice time with my husband and children, by completing my graduate degree by January 2017, I will have the necessary knowledge and training to compete for advanced positions. I have always been told that anything worth having is worth working for and a little hard work never hurt anyone. As I began this journey and decided to return to school to complete a graduate program in nursing, I had to make a list of my priorities. I wanted to see if continuing my education was really worth the sacrifice and hard work. With the cost of higher education continuing to grow, making a decision to return to school would
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My S.M.A.R.T. goals for this program are to finish by January 2017, finish with a GPA of 3.5 and complete this program with no dropped classes. During the first few weeks of school I have already learned many valuable tools and learned about different learning styles and how we learn. We all learn differently, and knowing your learning style can affect how you interact and communicate with others. Using the “Multiple Pathways of Learning” I am highly developed in logical-mathematical” and “interpersonal” (Carter, Bishop & Kravitz, 2011, “Chapter 2, Learning Styles: Building and Using Self-Knowledge”). After completing the tool I learned that I am a logical-mathematical because I love reasoning and problem solving. I have always done well in math and science. I am interpersonal because I relate well with others. I’m a people person and I feel that I am able to work well and make people comfortable. I love helping others, which is probably one of the reasons I chose nursing. Based on the “Personality Spectrum: I am a “giver” and “organizer”. (Carter,Bishop & Kravitz, 2011). My family and friends always come to be because I’m open and honest. I am very organized and detail oriented, which at times can be my downfall.
Learning to deal with stress and managing my time will help me complete this program and achieve the goals that I have set. I have many ways that I have learned to deal with stress. I love to exercise and walking helps me relieve


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