Social Networking in Today’s Workplace

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Social Networking in Today’s Workplace

This research examines the risk associated with employees accessing social networking sites from the workplace. It explores employer concerns over what employees say on these sites and what malware employees bring into corporate networks. It also looks at problems with unwanted attention brought to companies by employees posting derogative information about the company and coworkers. The biggest problems with posting on social networking sites is terrorist use them to select targets. Coupled with military members loosely posting vital information on these sites national and corporate security are at risk.

There is extensive research on the risk associated with social
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The data is then compiled and can create sensitive information exposing vulnerabilities to a corporation or national security. The article of Chen (2010) describes an employee who is dating several women at work and posting sensitive comments about them on social sites. Chen reports that the women can claim discrimination and potentially have a legal case against the employee and employer. Chen further looked into the hazards of employees posting disparaging comments about employers on these sites. She explained that when customers read the comments they may judge the company based on false or inaccurate information. Chen also found that the line between personal and business can be crossed when managers and employees become friends on social sites. Information posted by employees can be used against them by the manager.
Lehrman found, “results of a study of 500 U.S. Air Force members with MySpace profiles, over 300 individuals provided enough information on MySpace to make them vulnerable to a cyber-attack or blackmail” (p. 66). Lehrman concluded 60% of Airman posted enough information on social networking sites causing operational security concerns within the Air Force. Lehrman stated, “In August 2009, the U.S. Marine Corps issued a one-year ban on accessing social networking sites from its enterprise networks, due to security concerns” (p. 67). Weimann (2010) found that 90% of terrorist use social networking tools (open source) to


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