BMGT 110 Final Paper Kelly S Sandwich Shop Case Study 1

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Case study
The purpose of this paper is to identify how different factors effect on the growth of small businesses. The growth of small businesses has been influenced by factors such as growth strategy, business forms, short and medium term goals, financing assistance, organizational structure and staffing needs, customers and promotion, and ethics and social responsibility. In this paper will to discuss how the different factors alter the advancement of small businesses.
Kelly’s sandwich concession has been selling sandwich and other lunch items to her customers for the past five years. Though small, her business has been a very optimistic and fast growing business. Applying different strategies to aid in the development of the business
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In the form she should consider all the risks involved in expansion as well as the inputs and methods used to ensure the business prospers even better in the new environments. Financial assistance
Through the equipment Kelly is using, we notice that she has financial constraints which can be addressed to ensure that her business gains a strong market share, not only in the town but also outside.
Kelly’s growth prospective will need be prepared for as well as obtaining suitable varieties of additional money, and this can be a key side to side design operating all through quite a few small enterprises. There are several sources of finances which aid in the growth of small businesses. They include but not limited to: grants from government, loans, and personal savings.
The type of organizational structure that a business may use is determined by the type of business and the environment that it is in. Task allocation, supervision and coordination and goal achievement are all aspects to consider when designing an organization structure for a company. While some organizations may use hierarchical structures, smaller businesses may opt to use a more informal system. For example, Kelly’s business has the owner, Kelly, who also functions as the operations manager. As the business grows, managers may be added to supervise staff in specific