Job Satisfaction

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RUNNING HEADER: Job Satisfaction Team Paper

Job Satisfaction Team Paper


June 21, 2010
Maria Cuddy-Casey

Job Satisfaction Team Paper

With today’s ever-changing, stressful environment individual job satisfaction is critical to the success of any organization. Today’s individuals are looking for more than a job; they are searching for a career that will challenge them, allowing them to grow and progress within the organization. They need a sense of accomplishment while allowing the flexibility to be creative. It is these employees who find satisfaction in their positions. They are more productive, efficient, and effective; contributing to success of the company. The purpose of this paper is to define job
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“Forming relationships was found to be a critical requirement to accomplishing the task of the job effectively and efficiently.” New employees who assisted in the creation of work relationships achieved a higher level of job performance, productivity, and satisfaction. Initially a new employee must develop coworker relations and workgroup efficacy in creating relationships and social networks. Second, new employees must achieve clarity of their job position, role, responsibilities, and requirements. Employees must navigate and negotiate the expectation of their job position and role in the organization. Employees who can achieve job clarity are more likely to become accepted within the organization. Next, new employees must discover how their performance can help achieve acceptance and membership into the organization. When an employee achieves organizational identification he or she is more apt to provide the organization with a strong commitment, thereby fulfilling the organization’s goals (Moore, 1993, p. 14). According to Ashforth and Saks (1996) employees who are well socialized into an organization reported a higher level of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational identification. New employees who have positive socialization into an organization are apt to view the organization positively and become strong members of organizations. Employees who have


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