Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies and Strategies for Personal Success

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Graduate Studies in Health Science / Nursing
Instructor: Michelle Dorin
Gwendoria Buckles
Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success

Keeping your eyes on your personal goals and professional goals is key to staying focused and obtaining them in a timely fashion. Knowing your personal goals and balancing your personal life is a challenge, but there is need for balance to prevent stress. There are many ways to carry out these goals for success. This paper will discuss short term and long term goals and plans to attain them and how to overcome the
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In graduate school, there are undoubtedly a vast amount of papers to write, therefore communicating and receiving feedback from other people’s experience will encourage good writing techniques and eventually be an expert writer or at least a better writer than before. It will become easier as time goes on.
Considering strengths as it relates to communications, have been an attained goal since past times. Receiving a high school diploma, Bachelors of Nursing Degree and entering into
Graduate school are achievements, which have been attained by practicing good communication skills and it will be of service for future projects and endeavors.

(Oechsli, M. 1993) says that to have empathy is a quality to rate self as having the ability to appreciate the value, needs and viewpoints of others in order to relate and communicate with them. As a nurse, empathy has to be a strength, because when practicing the care delivered to patients, the consideration of their needs on a daily basis is a necessity.
This has been a practice for many years in the field of nursing. Three strategies that can be used to improve communications skills are to brainstorm problems with a study group, reach out and listen to others perspective and communicate clearly and regularly (Carter, C., Bishop, J., Kravits, S., L., 2011). Cook, S. G. (2013) says that people with high career


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