Part III Study Guide

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Dates: 1600 -1750

1. What does “musical style” mean? Genre is the type of music. Style is how you sing it.

2. What was going historically during this era? What was life like? The Baroque was a period of absolute monarchs. The monarchs had total control over every aspect of their realms: the economy, the books, the style of art, and even life and death. Louis XIV became the model and he set the stage for many things going on during this period. In many parts of Europe, a strict social hierarchy, rigid laws, and elaborate codes of dress and manners characterized life. There were no major wars. There were knew technological developments that led to scientists and philosophers open up to new ideas and a new way of thinking rather
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Originated from Florence, Italy.

20. What is the libretto? A libretto is the words to the opera.

21. What is an aria? More lyrical, song-like portion of an opera. Not speech-like. It’s for a solo voice.

22. What is a recitative? Quickly and clearly sung, it imitates the natural rhythms of speech. Progresses the story. Only accompanied by the basso continuo.
23. What is a da capo aria? Ternary (ABA) form. The text for both A sections is exactly the same. Singers typically ornamented or embellished the 2nd A Section.

24. What is the ground bass aria? Has a repeated pattern in the bass.

25. What is the first significant opera? L’Orfeo

26. What is an oratorio? Like an opera but not staged; based on Biblical stories.

27. What is a passion? Type of oratorio based on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

28. What is a chorale? A Lutheran hymn tune.

29. What is a church cantata? Small scale version of an oratorio and often contains chorales.

30. What is a sonata? What are the different types? Sonata has four contrasting movements (fast/slow/fast/slow or fast/fast/slow/fast/)
The different types of Sonata’s are:
Solo sonata- one soloist and the basso continuo = 3 players
Trio sonata- two soloists and the basso continuo = 4 players
Sonata da camera- chamber or secular sonata; uses dance rhythms
Sonata da chiesa- church or sacred sonata; more serious sounding; does not use dance rhythms; often uses an organ as part of he basso continuo



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