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The Book Thief

The Book Thief shows beauty can exist in the midst of brutality.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak shows through the midst of brutality, beauty can still be shown. The main characters Liesel Meminger, Rudy Steiner and Hans Huberman, prove this statement they are all faced with perilous situations, but still manage to show beauty throughout the situations. Liesel Meminger display beauty during the air raids, as she manages to read to people in the basement. Rudy Steiner displays beauty he jumps in the river to get Liesel’s book. Through Hans Huberman nobel character he displays beauty as he risks his life to hide a Jewish man in his basement.

Different attributes such as reading to people during the air raids,
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He even ‘skipped the Hitler Youth Meeting’, because he didn’t want to support hitler, “ this was another stupid act” . Not only did he do that, there was races which Rudy was competing in, in the Hitler youth carnival , but he “ false started three times”. “ I lost on purpose”, because by winning he was supporting Hitler, and that was what he didn’t want to achieve. Even though he was the favorite to win all those races, he put that aside and did what he believed was the best thing to do. Rudy also “ jumped in the river” to save Liesel book which fell into the river. Although this was a dangerous act for Rudy he still did it. Rudy wanted to do the right thing, by helping a friend out, as he knows how much that book means to her. Rudy displays beauty when there is excruciating situations.

The novel deals with a number brutal situations such as air raids, hitlers policies , abandonment and deaths. The main characters Liesel , Rudy and Hans are used to deliver the message, that beauty can still be shown. Even when you're put in extreme circumstances.

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