Art History

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Presenter: Welcome. Welcome, to the national radio, bringing you the latest news, and updates. Today we have a special guest speaker, all the way from France... I am happy to present Mr. Daumier, the famous 19th century painter.
Daumier: Bonum mane, hello... It’s a pleasure to be here.

Presenter: Today our fans want to ask you a few questions about some of your paintings and the media you have used.
Daumier: Well of course.
Daumier picks up his water and takes a small sip.

Presenter: The first painting our viewers are interested in, is your print Gargantua.
Daumier clears his throat.
Daumier: Ah yes, one of my finest caricatures.

Presenter: So, Mr. Daumier you are known as the Michelangelo of Caricatures, why is
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I was charged with sedition and sentenced to 6 months in prison. I was held in Pelagie prison from the summer of 1832 till February of 1833. They king was in uproar about the fact I had implied by the use of my lithography that he was a corrupt king, who was devouring all the taxpayers money.

Presenter: The second artwork is one of your oil paintings, The Uprising. Now, Mr Daumier, you are known as an excellent draftsman, can you explain why this is?
Daumier: Oh yes… well a draftsman is a person who prefers to draw, rather than paint or sculpt. Now in The Uprising this is obvious, as I like to outline my figures in black, made with black charcoal and lithographic crayon, as if it was a caricature. Theses lines have been at times called grotesque by some critics, as they are uneven, with some thick, and some thin. However I find this brings character to the piece, and emphasises the strength of the men’s will power. I also enjoy scumbling on my paint, creating a dirty texture, linking my media to the idea of the peasants being the “salt of the earth”. I also like to use chisel-ended brushes to dab on the paint, especially on the faces, where I haven’t blended the half tones causing the faces to become less defined and less individualised.

Presenter: Mr. Daumier. What medium have you used to create this masterpiece?
Daumier: Well of course I have used oil paints,


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