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Module 1 Homework Assignment

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Author Note This paper was prepared for Introduction to Film History, Module 1 Homework Assignment, taught by Professor Stephanie Sandifer.

Directions: Using word processing software to save and submit your work, please answer the following short answer questions. All responses to questions should be one to two paragraphs, composed of five to seven sentences, in length. Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments.

1. Explain the role of the Kinetoscope during the period of cinema's invention. How did the Kinetoscope modify the capabilities of earlier camera and projection systems?
Kinetoscope is an early motion picture invention that
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Horizontal integration is the utter opposite of vertical integration in that companies integrate many stages of production of a small number of production units. Another difference in the vertical and horizontal integration business models is that in vertical integration, companies expand by gathering control of their whole supply chain.

5. What were the factors behind the nickelodeon boom of the middle 1900s? What were the reasons for the nickelodeon's popularity—what advantages did this type of exhibition venue offer to both theater owner and patron?
Nickelodeon derives from a word “nickel (U.S. five cent coin) and Greek word odeion (roofed theater).One of the factors that allowed nickelodeons too boom, is the competitveness and the extension of films. Film production companies were under more pressure to create longer films with more elaborate plots. The longer the film was, the more audience members it attracted, as well as the price for tickets grew depending on the length of the film. Thanks to contestant competition and evolvement of films, the nickelodeons forever changed the film exhibition practices, making cinema theaters today into what they are. Film exchanges would purchase films from manufacturers, and then rent them out to exhibitors, and with a constant supply of many films, exhibitors opened their theaters where they would exhibit the films. Because of the steady supply of films, the exhibitors never had to worry about


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