Final Study Guide

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BADM 312: Final Study Guide

Anything that is in the readings or that we covered in class is fair game for the exam. This should give you a general idea of where you may want to focus your study.

The problem of politics and power 1. Understand what power is (a function of…) a. A function of resources, dependencies, and alternatives 2. What are individual bases of power? a. Legitimate power (position) b. Expert Power c. Reward power d. Coercive power (ability to punish) e. Referent power (personality, who you are) 3. Where does power come from according to Kanter? (lines of support…) a. Formal Structure (position) b. Informal Structure 1. Lines of information 2. Lines
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Disclosure i. if you would still make the decision knowing that it would be revealed to outside parties of some kind g. Categorical Imperative i. would be OK if such an action/choice became a universal principle 2. Is ethics a personal or organizational level phenomenon? a. Ethic is more than just individual level phenomenon b. Many ethics lapses are a result of unintended consequences of organization level actions c. Organizations can affect ethical decision making 3. What is moral disengagement? a. Convincing the self that ethical standard do not apply to oneself in a particular context by separating moral reactions from inhumane conduct by disabling the mechanism of self-condemnation b. Shows how this slippery slope might actually occur 4. Escalation of commitment – What is it? Why does it happen? How can it be avoided? a. You think future gains are possible and that the project can be turned around so you “throw good money after a bad idea” b. Once you’ve invested time and resources it’s hard to pull the plug (i.e. Fail to ignore sunk costs) c. Free choice at the very beginning, followed by initial negative outcome d. Commit to course of action when you i. Have been publicly identified with the project ii. Have made a big investment – the bigger the investment, the more severe the


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