Organisational Requirements and Planning Tools

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Organisational requirements and planning tools
Identify organisational requirements and protocols for diaries and staff planning tools
A schedule is a tool for managing time effectively.
There are several different types of schedules that can be as simple as a “To do List” or as complex as a plan for a construction project.
It involves a reference to a sequence of steps or events and the allotted time for each one.
In your role organising schedules you will have to work according to the organisation’s policies and procedures. If you look at the GSE Intranet, you will see the Administration policies and procedures for making appointments and processing schedules. An organisation’s requirements will depend on the availability of
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These are some of the types of Informal organisational requirements: * For business appointments use an electronic diary or calendar * For personal appointments use a desk diary – at the end of each day ensure that there are no clashes of appointments. * Put all appointments in one diary * Put weekly, monthly and annual tasks on a calendar
It is an idea to keep a notebook of these things and what happens on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
A set of guidelines and or protocols will address such issues as: * Access and availability of information – areas of confidentiality etc. * Electronic linked diaries and schedules, e.g. shared calendars in Outlook * Linking personal and executive diaries – most important to ensure that the personal appointments do not clash with business appointments * Being able to prioritise appointments for clients and personnel. * Protocols regarding contacting people both internally and externally. * Systems used for recording schedules – i.e. information to be set out accurately and in accordance with organisational and legislative requirements.
Legislative Requirements:
When producing documents or organising schedules, they will need to be in line with key provisions of all forms of government standards and codes including: * Anti-discrimination * Privacy laws * Occupational health and


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